Asked Questions


Here are some questions that potential students regularly ask. Some frequent ones and some one-off’s, but hopefully they will all help to fill in some blanks!

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When I complete an independent course can go into practice?

Yes you can, qualification via an independent means you can practice, and importantly get insurance cover.


Can I join CPD courses with an independent qualification?

Yes! All the top CPD course providers are independent

How can I be sure that IRSA Member schools maintain the standards they promise?

IRSA schools are Internally and Externally Verified (IV & EV)* by experienced reflexology experts, to ensure that quality standards are maintained.

Can I work in the NHS with an Independent qualification?

Whether you can work in the NHS is down to your local area Health Authority, not as you may hear, a matter of whether you have a certain qualification or belong to a particular organisation.

How long is an independent course with an IRSA school?

This is something arranged by the individual school but your time with a tutor will be a minimum of 100 hours. (Some regulated courses are as little as 24 hours.)

Surely, because they are independent, IRSA schools course content varies from school to school?

Yes, just as it does with regulated courses. Each IRSA school’s curricula is mapped to the same National Occupational Standards as a  regulated school, but the advantage is that you will have a much wider choice of content, targeted at your particular needs.

How much is an independent course?

The fees for each course are determined by the individual school or college, but all IRSA schools offer outstanding value for money.